A Guide To Choosing Table Tennis Blades

Since the newcomer may not always find this first step simple, we rate the majority of our blades. For every stiga table tennis blades, the ratings tell you its speed, control, and weight. So in this article, you will get to know about how to choose a blade.

Choosing a blade

stiga table tennis blades

An all-around wood would be your greatest option if you consider yourself to be an all-around player. If you like to attack, pick a blade with a speed rating of at least 70. The majority of five-ply blades are all-purpose that can be 50 to 70 ply or somewhere in between. For offensive play, 7 – 9 ply blades are quicker and offer more strength.

Simply choose one of the slower blades if you need a defensive one. The control factor improves with blade speed. For offensive shots, a rapid blade is beneficial, but it provides less precision for touch returns. Blades made of carbon have a wider sweet spot and are more stable.

The type of handle you choose is entirely a personal choice. The flared handle has consistently been the most popular grip. The second is anatomic, and the third is the straight handle. According to a poll, half of the top players in the world favor the straight handle.

So now based on the guide it is up to you what type of blade and racket you are comfortable with. Try and choose the best which you can suit to play with to win.