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Skincare tips for the harsh winters

When it gets very cold, the effect is seen on your skin first. Harsh winters can be very tough for the skin. Your skin gets damaged and needs extra pampering. There exists a variety of skincare brands and products. All of them may not be suitable for everyone. Some of them contain a lot of chemicals and can do more damage to your skin also. You can follow certain easy tips that can be followed at home to keep your skin soft and supple.

You should drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. You may not feel very thirsty during winters but this should not stop you from drinking more water. Remind yourself frequently to drink water. Water contains all essential minerals and helps to maintain balance. It can prevent dryness in your skin. Most skin problems arise due to poor intake of water. Make it a point to drink warm fluids throughout the day. On a cold day, this can comfort you and make you feel cozy. Other hydrating fluids can also be taken like ginger and lemon tea, etc. It can be soothing to the body and the skin too.

Reduce your shower time. The more the skin is exposed to water, the more it dries up. Bathing in very hot water is not advised though it may be comforting during winter. Hot water can strip your skin of the essential oils and make it very dry and flaky. Check out the best filorga products.