What is the response given by Amazon to Covid 19?

Everyone knows about the Covid 19 virus that has spread in almost every country in the world and affected Millions of people out of which many people have died and more people are getting the virus day by day.

Due to this pandemic, everything had shut down for almost two to three months, and because of which there was a loss to every business in the market except for the Pharmaceutical companies. So has the share of Amazon AMZN at which will obviously suffer due to bad name in the market and also so many controversies.

This is the response given by Amazon to its employees:-

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  •  Hazard pay and overtime:-

 Amazon offered their employees a chance to earn more money daily as many employees were not coming to work due to the Covid 19 virus and it had announced a policy that the workers who used to come daily during the pandemic will get a 2 dollar raise by every hour in their monthly salary.

  • Additional hiring at the time of pandemic:- 

Amazon had hired over 1,00,000 employees during this pandemic so that they can deliver all the essential items like food, medicines, medical equipment which are necessary during the Covid 19 pandemic.

  •  Employee protest during Covid 19:-

 During the pandemic, there have been many protests by the employees in the warehouses all around the US, France, and Italy.

BBC reporters had come up with true news that over 50 people have turned Covid positive during this pandemic and were forced to work in the warehouse due to the double pay offer.

UNI global told that in this pandemic the whole world economy had been affected and also this virus is so deadly that it has taken the life of many people as well as many are paralyzed due to this virus.

Spain had made some legal complaints to the company and told that if they don’t shut down their warehouse in Spain then they will have to pay a daily fine of 1 Million dollars and all the warehouses will be sealed and kept by the Spain government.

In the US also workers from 19 different warehouses have tested positive from this virus and so the US government has forced Amazon to shut down.

  • Closure in France :- 

 The SUD brought a court case for Amazon company because many workers had been tested positive, so France Government told Amazon to either shut down their warehouse or pay 1 Million USD every day as a fine. You can get more information from AMZN news.